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Natural nutritional health supplements are the best form for your body.  Our bodies were created to receive our nutrition from food.  Unfortunately, today's food is devoid of the nutrition levels they once had.  Farmland soils are depleted of minerals.  Modern farming methods destroyed the ecosystem of the soil.  Microorganisms that assist the breakdown and absorption of soil nutrients to the plants root systems have been destroyed.

Man made vitamins (chemical form), while basically similar to the natural form, are missing the natural cofactors that accompany the natural form.  A good example is, our bodies need salt.  What we buy in stores as salt is actually highly refined into sodium chloride.  Natural salt contains every mineral our bodies need.  You can be sodium chloride toxic at the same time lacking all the naturally accompanying salt minerals.  Not to mention the balance / lack of balance of minerals (especially sodium/potasium or magnesium/calcium balance).

The human body is an amazing creation of interdependent systems that performs millions and millions of functions (chemical, electrical, mechanical...).  It is a self repairing machine if it has the required nutrients and is not compromised by toxins and pollution.  It even has the ability to repair damaged DNA!  Unfortunately we live in a toxic environment and our food supply no longer provides all the nutrients we need.

Processed food with man-made chemicals in the form of preservatives, artificial flavoring, artificial colorings and more is poisoning our bodies.  This is adversely affecting every bodily function.  The toxic chemicals in our food, water, air, in our homes, cars and workplaces is continuously assaulting our bodies.  I wonder why there are so many "dis-eases", "afflictions", "conditions" that did not even exist a hundred years ago?

By providing our bodies with what is required, our bodies can repair themselves as they were divinely designed.  I am going to provide a very basic description of the needed nutrients for vital wellness.

  • Vitamins - Required for virtually every metabolic process in the human body - conversion of food to energy, bodily repair, growth...  Vitamins for the most part must come from food or supplemental vitamins must be taken with food (the body can only produce a few vitamins of it's own).  Vitamin's functions alone could (and does) comprise many books.  Daily Power Vitamins
  • Minerals - People know less about minerals than vitamins but they are every bit as important (you can not live without them).  They are essentially the catalyst of just about every chemical reaction in all of the bodily systems.  Minerals must be supplied through food and supplements as the body cannot make it's own minerals (it can rob minerals from another part or system of the body - NOT GOOD).  Minerals that the body can use are plant based and our soil is devoid of minerals therefore lacking in our food.
  • Antioxidants - Anti-oxidants scavenge and reduce the rate of oxidation (burning or rusting).  It does this by neutralizing free radicals that rob electrons from molecules.  Certain vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients, polyphenols, xanthones... are antioxidants.
  • Phytonutrients - Less is known about phyto-nutrients but their importance is being proved every day.  The FDA says they possess anti aging and cellular repair properties.  Phytonutrients consist of many other classifications of nutrients, anthocyanidins, bioflavonoids, Flavanols, OPC, ellagitannins, Resveratrol, proanthocyanidins...  Some of the  beneficial properties that these amazing phytonutrients possess are - anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-mutagin, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor...  Get the idea?
  • Water - Water is probably next to oxygen in importance to the living body.  The human body is mostly water.  Our water supplies are polluted and even municipal water systems cannot remove all the toxins.  Chlorine added to municipal water is estimated to cause 10,000 bladder cancer deaths each year.  Chlorine is hard on our arteries and blamed for much of the arterial scarring and plaque buildup as a result.  Most water is clustered too large to enter cells and therefore almost everyone is dehydrated at the cellular level.  Greenwood Health Systems has a functional water product that corrects this problem.
    It is called M-Powerment Water.
  • Enzymes - Responsible for every single reaction in the body.  Most enzymes come from food - problem is, cooking foods kills all enzymes.  Processed foods are also totally devoid of enzymes.  The digestion of food requires enzymes (which are lacking in our diets).  If the enzymes required for digestion are lacking in our food, they are taken from our body's store of metabolic enzymes (used for growth and repair).  Most digestive problems are the result of the incomplete digestion of the food we eat.  Heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion are common symptoms of lack of enzymes.  There is a finite amount of metabolic enzymes in our body (pancreas and liver mainly) once completely depleted, our bodies rapidly deteriorate.
  • Super foods - Superfoods are not a particular type of nutrient.  Superfoods are food sources in nature that contain extraordinary amounts of nutrients.  Superfoods can consist of all of the above nutrient catagories in one food source or a combination of many superfoods working together synergisticaly.
  • Greenwood Health Systems carries several natural nutritional products that you will not find anywhere, that compares with potency, quality or price.  If you become a member (no cost), you have access to their products for up to 50% off.  Your first order, you can buy 2 get one free.  Check their ingredients and you will see they are superior to anything out there.  The details of the products down to the vegi-caps (not animal based gelatin capsules) show how much went into the development of these products.  If you have any questions, contact me and I will be happy to answer or get the answers for you.
  • You can get the same Greenwood products above without having a monthly $40 autoship or the admin fee by going to this link (you will pay a bit more though).





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