Why Diets Fail

Why Do Diets Fail?

Diets Don't Fail - Dieters Fail


Humans are creatures of habit.  Unfortunately, many of these habits are bad habits.  Habits take a sustained 21 to 30 days of a new routine to establish a new habit and more often than not, we don't succeed.  This is what we are up against and diets seem to be even more troublesome for some reason.  Our habits are ingrained in our subconscious.  Many years of forming and solidifying these habits make them very hard to break.  Food involves all the senses - sight, touch, smell, taste and sound (cooking, sizzling, crunching...) - a dieter is getting hit from every sense!

Our environments may be working against us.  Our friends and family may be working against us - though probably unintentionally.  Think about the holidays and family celebrations and get togethers - everyone is pushing food.  Food is part of every celebration.  No wonder the temptation is unavoidable.  Imagine if you loved baked goods (high in carbs, high in calories) and you worked in a bakery - you would be almost doomed!  Subconsciously you love carbs, you work around the baked goods and the smell, enough to make you surrender!

The above scenario appears to be insurmountable odds.  How could you possibly avoid the foods you love, while working with them, smelling them, creating them?  There is a way and it is powerful, as powerful as the human mind! By harnessing the power of your subconscious.  The greatest minds of all time understood this - Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and others.  They "created" new ideas and inventions by tapping their unconscious minds during sleep.  There greatest discoveries were not a result of conscious thought, but the power of the non-conscious tapping into who knows what - divine inspiration?

There is a tool/system that allows anybody to tap into their subconscious mind and program it to do the things you wish to do.  That tool is hypnosis and has been refined and is now available to everyone.  The possibilities are endless.

Things hypnosis can help with (the possibilities are endless):

We are focusing on weight loss here and hypnosis is the best tool to achieve this.  You can change anything currently engrained in your mind.  You can program yourself to eat healthy, to eliminate "triggers" that make you eat.  To change your outlook and emotions and anything that "makes you eat".  To motivate yourself to exercise and like it!

If sticking to a diet is what makes the vast majority of dieters to fail diets, let's program our minds around that!  Some of the greatest healers and medical minds back this mind science and give testimony to it's effectiveness.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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